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I understand the incredible impact of men's work in helping you become the best version of yourself. Just as essential nutrients are vital for physical health, the support and challenge of other men are essential for personal and emotional growth. Without it, we become weaker and more susceptible to life's pressures.


Think about the tangible effects of Vitamin D deficiency during the pandemic. Something as fundamental as a nutrient produced a significant return on investment in our health. Similarly, the lack of men supporting men has become an epidemic, resulting in a massive increase in men suffering. We are now less healthy, vital, alive, connected, strong, present, and purposeful than ever before. However, when we come together, the return on investment is exponential.


Men's work is a true game changer.


Since my college days, I've passionately pursued personal development. However, I walked much of this path alone, which led me to two crucial realizations:

  1. Loneliness: I craved connection and camaraderie.

  2. Growth Catalysts: I yearned for reflections and challenges from those who could help me grow.

Joining men's groups and coaching programs solved these problems and supported me holistically in becoming a better man.

Let me share some significant personal growth wins I've experienced:

  • Deepened ability to be fully present in the moment (overcoming ADHD).

  • Shed fears around expressing authentic feelings and emotions (no more "nice guy" syndrome).

  • Strengthened my nervous system, overcoming anxiety, and embracing challenges with ease.

  • Explored shadows, judgments, and blind spots, defeating self-sabotage and pursuing dreams.

  • Developed leadership abilities, affirmed by other men who recognized my potential.

  • Healed father wounds, no longer feeling inferior and unworthy of acceptance and value from other men.

When men come together with clear intention, consistent accountability, and a safe space for vulnerability, incredible breakthroughs occur. It's an alchemical process unlike anything witnessed before.


Black Diamond was inspired by one of the most profound men's work journeys of my life. During four transformative months with an incredible group of men facilitated by Mikaal Bates, we all experienced deep growth. At the end of our journey, Mikaal said to me, "Alexander, do you get it now? You are a rarity, my friend. You are a black diamond. There's something very special that you carry. Your duty is to bring that to as many people as you can."


What I believe I carry is a unique blend of vulnerability, physical prowess, presence, education, and an authentic desire to support and serve others. This combination has the power to disarm and inspire.

I have an unquenchable craving to help people. I know I'm here to serve, teach, inform, and train. I firmly believe that all men possess immense untapped potential, waiting to be unleashed with effective support throughout their development.


The world is truly begging for men to realize their untapped and stifled potential.

Your passions, purpose, community, lover, family, and legacy are all demanding it.


When you show up and do this work, you become your own version of a Black Diamond.


My approach to men's work is tailored specifically to you, based on a comprehensive self-assessment and initial conversations. From mindfulness and meditation to emotional well-being, from self-awareness and shadow work to relationship building and enhancement, I offer a unique blend of tools that serve as an incredible entry point for newcomers or fuel continued growth for seasoned veterans.


It's time to unlock your potential and embark on a transformative journey. Together, let's create a world where men thrive and unleash their true power.

Current Virtual Coaching Offerings:

  • One-on-One Coaching: Join my exclusive 15-week program designed for individual transformation. This personalized container offers dedicated support and guidance tailored to your unique journey. Includes weekly 90 minutes calls and daily check-ins with me.

  • Group Coaching: Join a dynamic group of like-minded men in a 15-week transformative journey. Together, we'll create a powerful container for growth, support, and connection. By sharing experiences and perspectives, you'll benefit from the collective wisdom and camaraderie of your fellow group members. 4-6 are available. Includes weekly 90 minutes calls and daily check-ins with accountability partners.

  • Single Sessions: If you're curious about coaching or have a specific issue you'd like to work through, I offer single-session options. Whether it's gaining clarity on a decision, overcoming a challenge, or exploring personal development, we can collaborate during a focused one-hour session. Hourly rates apply for these individualized sessions.

Take the first step towards your personal growth and unleash your potential. Contact me to inquire about availability and find the coaching option that suits your needs best.

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What Men Are Saying

" The work I did with Alexander fundamentally changed all aspects of my life for the better. I will cherish this for the rest of my life."

Bosun Paki, New Zealand

46-year-old Man, Father, & Business Owner

I struggled with addiction all of my adult life (mainly alcohol). I could stop for short periods but would eventually rationalize that I no longer had a problem and would return to the same patterns. The strange thing was that I never fully understood why I drank; I just knew that when I did, I obliterated myself. 


I started to notice that this pattern crept in when life was going great. I would hit the self-destruct button to sabotage everything, and alcohol was the easiest way I could ruin my momentum. I used alcohol to avoid any issues that needed to be addressed in my life, especially in intimate relationships and some professional ones.


 I was full of life but always unbalanced.

Since working with Alexander, my business turnover has doubled, and the profit has tripled. My staff is solid and happy, and I lead them much more effectively. I am  grounded, present, in integrity, regulated, and powerful. 


I've become a better father. I am healing patterns in myself that are chronic in my lineage so that my two boys don't have to suffer with the same issues the men in their family did not tend to. These patterns stop with me.


I've been sober for over one year and counting.


I am kind, especially in the way I talk to myself.


I see old behavioral patterns emerge, and I can recognize them. This is amazing, as I now have the tools to change my response to them.


I've become more aware of my surroundings and especially notice how other men could benefit from this. Menswork is so essential.


I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your guidance is beyond your years, and I am forever grateful for our work together.


The gold in your work is so valuable. Embodiment coaching is the best investment I have ever made. 


I am forever grateful.

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Adam N. NY

I straight up admire the work you do. I see all you've overcome in yourself around your stutter and become such an embodied man; the phrase "hard-earned" emanates from your being.
Seeing you work so hard and apply yourself to better your life has given me a lot of confidence in myself to pursue what I need. It's not some magic sauce; this is hard work that happens day-to-day, action-to-action, and thought-to-thought. They get stacked..
Your  accountability has been huge for my growth. You were steadfast the whole time. You pushed past my smoke and mirrors and challenged me to open my heart. You showed me how a man could inhabit masculine energy and still bring a deeply open heart.
I appreciate that you never let me stop. 
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Yan K. CA

You have this warrior presence and this beautiful vulnerability that you demonstrate consistently. It's fascinating, it's this dichotomy that I think we try to attain through meditation and psychedelics, and you already seem right there.
It's a theta wave process that maybe you received through your life experiences and practices, but through a combination of everything that you do, you embody something that we are all trying to learn how to embody.
Good on you for being so focused and masterful in your craft and taking every day to master it every single day. You taught us but set a precedent of what these concepts look like in practice. Thank you, brother.
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Jimmy S. CO

The combination of a warrior yet an outward reflection of your purity of heart is a dynamic I don't know I've seen in anyone else before. You are so determined with pure love to make sure I find a way to create a deep connection with men. I could feel how it wasn't from a place of selfishness, there was zero selfishness whatsoever in that, and I'm really good at detecting that shit. It was straight love, purity, friendship, brotherhood, and an incredible display of what a King acts like.
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Andrés Z. CA

It has been a privilege to share so many powerful moments. Seeing you integrate the insecurities that you've had about your voice, solving those, and stepping into your power has been medicine for me to step into my birthright. You are massively impactful in how present and intentional you are with each word. You are very coherent and willful with your words, and you've taught me to value mine more, to slow down, and not talk for the sake of talking. To be intentional when I speak and to mean what I say. I'm grateful.
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Jeff G. NJ

Every single day, probably 50-100 times a day, I remember to drop into the breathing pattern that you taught me. It has changed my day-to-day, moment-to-moment life, and it's attached to you. The tone you set beforehand and every moment of the way was just so beautiful. You were the flag waver, the flag bearer, and the knight leading us into fucking battle. It's an honor to be your brother, and I volunteer to be your brother forever.
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