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Unlock Your Full Potential:
THRIVE in the Face of Stuttering

Welcome to THRIVE, the transformative course designed for individuals who stutter and seek to go beyond what traditional speech therapy offers. This course is for those who aspire for more in life.


While you have learned to survive and function, you know deep down that untapped potential is waiting to be unleashed, allowing you to truly THRIVE despite stuttering.

The outcomes of this course are the exact results I have spent nearly three decades and over $100,000 creating for myself. Drawing from my ongoing experiences, knowledge, successes, and failures, I have distilled it all into a program that will save you time, money, and energy.

THRIVE serves as the foundation for the processes and practices I take my clients through in my one-on-one and group programs. By enrolling in this course, you will undoubtedly equip yourself with the tools to conquer your challenges.

During this course, you will:

Craft a crystal-clear vision and purpose, defining how you show up in life.

Heal painful past wounds inflicted by stuttering, nurturing emotional well-being.

Become an expert in self-awareness and mindfulness, unlocking your inner power.

Reclaim any power you have given away to others and situations, taking control over stuttering.

Dismantle old, conditioned beliefs that no longer serve you, freeing yourself from their limitations.

Cultivate a resilient nervous system capable of facing and conquering the challenges and fears of stuttering.

Achieve balance, harmony, and regulation in your mind and body, allowing purposeful actions rather than reactive ones.

Let's be honest: Most of us haven't fully aligned with our most empowered selves. Life's conditioning has made us feel unsafe to show up authentically and powerfully. For individuals who stutter, this conditioning adds an extra layer of complexity to their speech and communication.

Many of us possess brilliance, capabilities, and untapped potential. Some find their way better than others, but every person who stutters I've ever talked to has allowed fear, anxiety, worry, and painful past experiences to influence and distort their present embodiment.

THRIVE is the course I yearned for during my younger years—a process to intentionally and clearly elevate myself beyond mere speech management and self-acceptance. I desired to break free from living small and with fear, fully expressing myself in all aspects of life. Holding back in some situations, dimming my shine in others, and avoiding certain circumstances only led to frustration. The grief of knowing deep in my core that I wasn't living and expressing myself to the fullest extent became unbearable. I know many people who stutter can relate to this sentiment.

If you resonate with these feelings or feel as though I'm speaking directly to you, I strongly encourage you to acknowledge how much life is urging you to try something different. It's time to step forward with a new approach that will propel you toward your power and purpose, just as you're meant to. I've witnessed the comments in Facebook support groups, heard the pain and frustration at conferences, and observed individuals holding themselves back out of fear of rejection in daily life. There is a better path forward, but it requires precise and consistent work, detailed in this course.

During my formative years, my relationship with my stutter was toxic. Achieving my full potential seemed nearly impossible, and daily challenges—physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual—often felt insurmountable. While I did my best to show up for life, I often felt disempowered, afraid, and worried about how people would react to my stutter. Traditional speech therapy failed to support my journey toward empowerment, bravery, self-assurance, and calmness.

As a young adult, it became clear that I wasn't living in alignment with my deepest desires—to be a man who leads by giving my gifts to the fullest extent as an act of love for myself and the world. The pain of keeping myself small, safe, and stifled became unbearable. I realized I had no other choice but to commit fully to the work ahead of me, seeking healing, growth, and expansion through dedicated practice and continuous learning.

Along the way, I encountered numerous failures, trying to fit into boxes that were never meant for me. I hit my own version of rock bottom as a junior in college, from which I embarked on a relentless journey to become fearless, free, and powerful in my expression. I wanted to live in alignment with my truth, engaging in activities, building relationships, and creating opportunities that resonated with my soul.

I created this course because nothing like it existed when I needed it most, and unfortunately, it still doesn't exist today. Yet, millions of individuals continue to suffer as I once did. I developed THRIVE to support you in becoming the most fully expressed version of yourself, so you can experience liberation, freedom, and ease of expression, just as I have.


The initial idea for this course was born from my frustrations and failures, with a deep-seated awareness that no one was coming to save me. I understood that no magic pill, device, or speech tool could completely eliminate my stutter. And while self-acceptance played a crucial role, it couldn't entirely alleviate my burdens.

I have taken everything I needed on my journey and condensed it into this course. Millions still yearn for the same results:


Enroll in THRIVE now and embark on a transformative experience that will empower you to unlock your full potential. It's time to liberate yourself from the constraints of stuttering and embrace a life of fearlessness, power, and self-expression.



My Mission is to lead people who stutter to fearless, powerful, and authentic expression through deep self-inquiry and building a robust and balanced nervous system.


I have painstakingly spent the last 15 years doing the work on myself to design this course so that you could benefit, heal, and learn to live and express fearlessly as a person who stutters in ways that you may have never thought were possible.

How to take this course:  Follow the course guide as it is laid out for you. You will go through the reading and learning modules, do the self-assessment, and build momentum to finally dive into the 10-week journey of practice, consistency, building momentum, and creating positive change.


Integration Sessions

If you are choosing to take the THRIVE course, there's a good chance that you are a self-motivated individual. You likely have a sense of I just need some guidance and structure, but I got me! 

For support and feedback on your understanding, application, and embodiment of the elements of this course.

These sessions are for addressing questions, concerns, and challenges. Helping you put all the pieces together, dive deeper into your experience and sharpen, attune, and deepen your practice.


For the first 20 people who buy the course, I'm requiring you to participate in an onboarding zoom call with me first to connect, build rapport, and ask/answer any questions upfront. I want your experience with THRIVE to be as dialed in as possible, and this is a crucial part of that process.

Please do NOT buy this course if you have no interest in connecting with me. Yes, this is a self-led course, but I am only interested in offering this work to those who will deeply benefit from it and I reserve the right to refund your money except for the processing fee before sending you the materials if it appears that you will not take this process seriously.

You will receive a code to gain access to the course. 

DISCLOSURE: As a speech-language pathologist and coach, the results that you earn in this program are in direct proportion to how you show up. The only way to maximize your results is by going all out in this process. "Individual’s experience may not represent the typical participant. Your background, education, experience, and work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee.

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